January 18, 2015

January 6, 2015

January 5, 2015

January 1, 2015

  • Pathos On A Broken Record

    Here is the first poem of the New Year... I am starting with a little sad one. This is based on a real life event. So the story may sound a bit odd for some people. Feel free to bring up your thoughts and feel free to share it if you love it.

    Here it is

    Nights condensed and thrown millions of pearls,
    To fascinate your eyes, mind and that little heart,
    Day followed uniting every bit of light sprouting,
    Smiles upon your face in the simplistic verses you read.

    Small town, silly school romances, friends and foes you had not,
    Then through blogs, verses and comments he came a friend or foe?
    None knows human minds, as life cycle took you round,
    Round and round life went, life's colors round and round lost.

    Then when he told you are more than a friend, he felt,
    Ah' deep down the spine of yours a twitch you felt,
    Fear of the unknown, fear of the unseen ah' sleepless your sat,
    Feeling the unknown, hands raised in prayer he said, “O' my love”.

    Little heart, innocence filled heart but a kind heart, yours,
    Even the smallest sway in the connection both felt,
    Left shivers down the veins that made you both run,
    Didn't you understood your own love Oh' darling of him?

    Like a broken record he spoke and spoke,
    Like a broken record life took him round and around,
    Surprised you, scared you, sleepless wept,
    Ah' the unknown man, unheard man, forever you left.

    Time passed, a pathos from that broken record again and again heard,
    No words, just a tune that spoke more than words,
    A lover in all truth lost, a lover who lost his words,
    Then from some images he saw in his mind, gave him speech.

    “Fear not the love of mine, O' love of mine,
    Fear not what you know not O' love of mine,
    Fear not the essence of thy life O' love of mine,
    Fear not to hold my heart in your soul O' love of mine,

    For in the shattered world of romance you and I,
    Took baby steps and fell and another fall you fear?
    Make thy fear the power of your words and speak,
    To a man who seeks thy love, O' love of mine.”.

    That broken record kept on playing the pathos again and again.

    © RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2015.


    Picture Courtesy MorgueFile.Com By cooee.

September 25, 2014

  • Circus Clown.

    Dreams, memories, paths passed,
    Oh' how wonderfully ecstatic all were!!.

    Lights in dreams turned off,
    Memory lines Blocked.

    Oh' how foolish you were to step on that treadmill,
    Set, executed with all bells and whistles.

    What hurts more is the knowledge,
    How pathetically I failed to save you from it all.

    Now that your life as a fantastic 'circus' you celebrate,
    Why not forget the past?
    Why not forgive each other?
    Why not hold the hands in union for the future?
    Hey' Every 'circus' needs a clown isn't it?

October 18, 2013

  • Love Her Like Me

    I happen to login to one of my old FB accounts which is not blocked by a girl. I like all that I saw except that this someone who is with her. Call me whatever you want just thought I will check how she is.. then I remember a song, Listen to it or just read the lyrics, you will get the point.

    Love Her Like Me.

    Music: Elton John
    Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

    You can take her
    Make her change her name
    You and your old money
    Dance around the flame
    But you can never, never love her like me

    You can charm her
    Calm her when she's wild
    Show a little comfort
    Play with her inner child
    But you can never, never love her like me

    So I just close my eyes and steal her away when you sleep
    Sneak her in my dreams every single day of the week
    You may have her in the real world but if you could only see
    How we rock this room in the twilight zone
    And you can never, never love her like me, yeah

    You can warm her
    Charm her with your style
    I know you convinced her
    She's the love of your life
    And no, you'll never, never love her like me

    You can bless her
    Keep her conscience clean
    You can undress her
    Go all the places I've been
    But you'll never, never love her like me

    Love Her Like Me

October 7, 2013

  • Burkooosh

    There is a man who sees her in every bit of his life. Then there is a man whom she calls her love. I am the first one… oh’ God what a wonderfully crafted tragedy my love life is.

July 8, 2013

  • Good Bye

    Today July 7th 2013 summerfest officially got over but not summer.. Most of my early summer parties are done in a way I wanted. I basically moved to Milwaukee for the summer here. Watch the last of the so called ‘system of records’ embedded along. Beware, my language goes pretty bad towards the end. But that’s the way I can put many things as life itself is evolving into explicit chaos.

    Well I am going to get the chaos into some order in the next one month. I have to do it, as one full month of fasting, meditation and prayers starts tomorrow.  When I come back to full fledged postings... well .. there probably won’t be a xanga for me to make postings. So this is it folks. I had one of the greatest time of my life as a blogger, I met great people and experienced some great readings here.. Good Bye Xanga as we know it.

     Yeah I thought of speaking about someone I met here.. but she is right now in a tent mixing music with another guy. Yesterday in my system of record drive show I told, I should have been the one in that tent with her, helping her to mix music. Life went in wild ways and made me wild and weird now I am sitting miles away. Am I disappointed? I was, not is, I will not be. That’s it with that.

     It was a great time during this summerfest, I enjoyed every bit of it. I will be back at the summerfest grounds for the 110th Harley Fest. Life goes on and the thrill of life is there in every moment of life. I won’t define that thrill ahead that gives life something extra, in the rights and wrongs of life. I love you all no matter what and hope I will get some in return and will be in all of your prayers.

    Drive Live--System Of Record


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May 20, 2013

  • The Answer

    It will be the worst crime to fake love. What I truly mean is, deep in one's heart one is connected to a person and go with another person in reality. It's just not one's own conscience one is molesting, it is the total destruction of two others too. There is only one question that can be asked at that point. Is the world worth more than 3 conscience and life? If that question is asked to me I will say NO. But I will lay down my life for the "one" who loves me.